What is noIDEAknow.com?

noIDEAknow is a community group for those who are passionate to explore new concepts and ideas. The noIDEAknow will be helpful for  the thinkers and writers who are devoted for the welfare of the society. They may create a  specific group of members to explore the knowledge of any kind of affairs and issues.

Who are the people behind noIDEAknow.com?

noIDEAknow is created by Mr. Jitendra Kumar with the aim to have a group of knowledge distributors. Later on Mr K C Sharma joined with the confidence that it will provide platform to everyone who wants to improve as per their needs and thoughts. Presently, noIDEAknow is taken care by following peoples:

  • Dr. Jitendra Kumar (Associate Professor and Head Department of Statistics, Central University of Rajasthan)
  • Mr K C Sharma (Director of Redonet Technologies PVT LTD.)
  • Mr Pradeep Sharma (Director of Redonet Technologies PVT LTD.)
  • Ms Pooja Sharma (Elegent Outfitts, Jaipur)
  • Dr. Daya S Srivsatava (SMS, KVK, Sitapur, UP)

Who can become member?

Anyone who is interested to consult for issues related to research, industry, society, system etc. or have any queries may become the member.

How membership is activated?

After registration a verification link is sent to your registered email address. By clicking at the link, your account will be activated. At this stage you will be the member with limited rights only for 21 days. During this period you are required to complete your profile which will be verified by us.  Once your account is verified within 7 days, your profile will marked as verified member.

Note: To become the registered member you need to complete all information required in  profile section including profile pic which will be verified for becoming verified member. 

How is noIDEAknow different from other consultancy community/social sites?

Most of the consultancy forums are close group and chargeable  and force some eligibility criterion on experience and education. However, the noIDEAknow provides free community and provides membership as per their own evaluation.

What are benefits of member?

noIDEAknow is community where members can post their questions and also answer the question which are under discussion. There are various groups in reference to special issues and all question will be  circulated to the most appropriate group. All members may contact each other as per their interest/business. If any consultancy need expenses there then both can consult to each other and work for common interest with their consultancy fee. The noIDEAknow will not charge anything but appreciate their acknowledgment.